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Just as trends in the wedding dress world are constantly evolving, the same is true for grooms wear! In recent years we’ve (thankfully) witnessed a huge shift from Edwardian style suits paired with strong coloured waistcoats towards more informal wedding day trends. Choosing your wedding day look depends on a few factors including individual taste, location and overall style of your big day so here I’ve put together some handy tips to make your selection a breeze!


1) Decide on formal or casual

Kick things off by answering this all important question… formal or casual. Discuss with your bride-to-be whether your wedding is formal or casual to decide on a definite path to take.


If you choose to go formal, your options are:


The Tuxedo:

Hello Mr Bond! Nothing screams glamour more than a tuxedo! Think classic black tie evening wear, complete with satin striped trousers and perfect bow tie. A word of warning though… leave the 80s in the past! Avoid coloured or patterned bow ties and cummerbunds at all costs!


The Morning Dress/Suit:

For a taste of tradition, consider a tailcoat, waistcoat and striped trousers for a sense of sophistication on your big day. Fancy going all out? Don’t forget your top hat… a fantastic prop for those memorable photos!


And in the casual corner we have:


Sharp Suit:

Depending on the time of year, a linen or cotton suit are perfect for the modern man and ideal for summer months. For autumnal or winter weather, consider a wool jacket and trousers instead. When it comes to shirts and ties, the options are endless. Convey your own sense of personality with the accessories you choose! Tie the wedding party together with ease by co-ordinating your colours to the bridesmaids.


Slim 3 Piece Suit:

Dapper dudes, rejoice! This is an ideal alternative for those fashion forward grooms who seek a touch of formality with a modern edge. Complete your look with co-ordinated cufflinks, brogues and slimline tie. This look is all about sharp tailoring!


Waistcoat & Bowtie/tie:

Perfect for a summer wedding, ditch the jacket and go for a shirt and tie/bowtie combo.



2) Let your personality shine through

Just as any bride wants her dress to evoke her personality, make sure you choose a suit which is comfortable and defines your style perfectly! Don’t be afraid to have fun with the finer details such as novelty cufflinks, tiepins or socks (with your bride’s permission, of course!).


3) Consider the time of year

Getting married in Ireland in November will definitely require a different style and material of suit than, for example, saying your nuptials in sunny Spain in August. Don’t battle against the elements… a linen suit is a perfect option for a ceremony on the beach, while a three-piece suit may be more ideal for a winter wedding.


bridal-preparations-donegal 2

4) Research is key

Just as your bride will spend time researching her wedding day look, give yours some thought. Flip through magazines, browse online and keep a record of those looks which catch your eye. Your consultant will thank you for making their job a little easier!



5) To hire, purchase or have suits tailor made… determine your budget

Determine your budget for your grooms party suits and whether you plan to hire, purchase or have your suits made. Research the cost of all three options to determine which is right for you!


6) Co-ordinate with your bride-to-be

While you may want to maintain some element of surprise for your wedding day, the majority of brides prefer to be involved in the suit selection! Your wedding day looks should complement one another so if you don’t want to bring your fiancee along to your appointment, get down to business and discuss style options beforehand.


Collage 9

7) Don’t leave it to the last minute

While choosing suits is a relatively painless process, don’t leave it too late! With a best-man and groomsmen to cater for, it can take a little time and fittings may be involved so get this ticked off your to-do list as soon as possible.


8) Choose a reputable shop

You’ll want a shop with a fantastic selection, great service and unrivalled knowledge so seek recommendations from family and friends. Choose a shop that offers various styles that meet your budget and with staff who will measure you properly for that perfectly tailored suit! Reputation is of the upmost importance here so if you get a bad feeling, walk away.



9) Flatter your figure

When it comes to shapes, there’s a wide variety of cuts for jackets, lapels, shirts and ties so find the option that looks great on you. Try on a few styles to determine the best shape.


10) Read the fine print

Before you sign on the dotted line, check out that all important fine print. Make sure you are aware of deposits, alteration fees and return deadlines. If collecting and returning the suits is a job for your best man, make sure he is aware of timings etc.


MeAideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.





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