Tips for choosing your bridal underwear


Let’s face it – it’s a shared view among many women that what we wear underneath our clothes can instantly change our mood and so choosing the right lingerie for your wedding day is essential! Here, Aideen McCanny shares her tips for getting it just right!

You’ve found your dream dress so now it’s time to find your perfect bridal lingerie, but where to start? It is vital to wear comfortable and functional, well-fitted underwear that highlights all the right places, creating the perfect silhouette in your gorgeous gown.

Your chosen underwear and wedding dress should complement each other to create a stunning look! It’s important to have purchased your underwear before your final dress fitting so you’ll know exactly how you’ll look and feel on the day.

Size does matter

It’s alarming how many women in the UK are wearing the wrong size of underwear so a good place to start is to find out your exact measurements by seeking the advice of a professional. Many high street stores offer a free of charge fitting service. Alternatively, your bridal dress store should be able to advise you of your measurements.

Underneath it all

Let’s talk corsets, bustiers and basques! Remember, your underwear and dress should work in harmony. A corset or bustier is unlikely to suit a dress that already contains boning or if your dress has been altered to provide a more snug fit. Avoid these two options when it comes to lightweight fabric as lumps, bumps and boning will be visible.

Corsets and bustiers add support to the upper body, tightening the torso and adding definition to your figure. A corset contains boning to reduce the waistline and emphasise the bust and hips, resulting in a slender, hourglass figure. A bustier is a little less restrictive, but is still as effective in lifting the bust. Finally, a basque is even more flexible, which continues over the hips for added support. If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, talk to your bridal dress consultant who can offer advice.

A little support

If it is just your bust that needs support, a bra may be all you require. The style of bra you choose, again depends on your dress shape. The majority of dresses are strapless, so avoid ugly straps with a strapless bra. This also applies to halter-neck and one-shoulder gowns. There are several styles of bras and corsets designed specifically for wedding dresses. Consider where the seams of your bra will reside underneath your dress, especially if the fabric is light. Choose from luxurious fabrics in ivory, cream, nude, classic white or champagne.

A brief moment

When it comes to knickers the options are endless – maxi or mini briefs, hipsters, high or low cut knickers or thongs. The guidance here is to stick to what you’re used to. So if you don’t normally wear thongs, you wedding day is not the time to try it out for the first time. The style you choose is mostly down to personal preference, as well as avoiding the dreaded VPL. If the underwear has lace detailing or embellishment of any kind, check this doesn’t show though, especially for more slinky silhouettes.

The finishing touches

Lastly, consider your wedding hosiery, stockings, hold-ups, suspenders and the traditional garter. Again, keep in mind that you will be wearing this all day so consider your comfort and match the colour to you dress.



MeAideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.

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