New lens!

The other day my new lens arrived. I was a little excited – as I try to evolve my style a little I think I’m going to have to buy a couple of these. So I got an old one on ebay, and in with the new , a 35mm F1.4.  It seems a handy focal length – it’s pretty much what you normally see. I love my 50mm, but it’s often just a wee tad too close.

So today after the European Grand Prix (which was awesome by the way), I took the kids out for an hour to the local amphitheatre. Ok there’s not an amphitheatre in Carrickfergus, but thats the name for the swimming pool complex :-).

It was a nice wee walk and  supposed to be a good test for the new lens before using it in anger…However, I only took a few photos as the play park is way too old for a two year old. Its very high and adventurous, with gaping drops and scary balancing beams etc.. Of course there was no stopping him and I had to stay on hand to prevent an unscheduled visit to A&E!

Mr. Grumpy – covered in dirt as normal…

So you like my bokeh?
The view from the swimming pool…

So I’m looking forward to getting this lens out at an upcoming wedding.

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