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I’ve had a review system in place for a while – but had gotten out of the way of asking people to review me. Recently I’ve started that again, and so I thought I’d post some ways to write or read reviews about Peter Thomas Photography.

1. Ratepoint

The main system we use is called Ratepoint. All reviews are independently verified and so are much more believable than the random ‘raves’ you sometimes see people publishing.

You can view my Ratepoint Profile at
You can view all the reviews at

It takes about 30secs to write a review!

2. Google

I’d also love some more google reviews, so if you use Gmail for your email, you can leave a review in 5seconds by clicking here (you’ll notice a write review link about half way down).

3. Lookaly

And finally, it’s always nice to support a local website – so also check out which is a great local directory.


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