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Quick update from Vegas…

Well I’ve now been here just about a week. After doing some of the touristy stuff, its great to get down to business. This week, I spent two days at ‘University’. Some of the worlds best photographers shared their insight – the likes of Jerry Gihonis, Sal Cincotta, Joe Buissink etc etc. These guys are kinda famous within photography circles. It’s funny to see all the Amercians getting photos taken with them – us N.Irish are a bit less excitable!


Today I’m going to see Zach & Jody Gray. I’ve heard them before – they are excellent and speak a lot about faith and photography – two topics dear to my heart. Then I’m off to learn about social media and baby photography.


Just went down to Starbucks – lots of tired looking people in the Casino. Really must admit I’m not attracted to the Vegas party life at all. But it’s been great to see it and experience the vibe.
Really inspired to learn even more about my craft. This really is a brilliant job to have. The Kings Hall Wedding Fayre in the day after I get back – dear help all the attendees – I might just be a wee bit over-enthusiastic 🙂


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