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Share your photographs on Facebook!

56_facebook_logoIts great to be able to share your photographs with friends and family. We happen to be a big fan of Facebook – and now we’ve added a really easy way to share your wedding photographs on Facebook.

Browse to the client area on our website. Find your wedding, and click the ‘View the album’ link. On the right you will notice a ‘share this on Facebook’ link. Click that and the rest should be obvious – a link and picture will be posted on your Facebook wall.

If you have a video in your client area – you can also share that. Click the ‘View video’ link and you’ll see the same ‘Share on facebook’ link!

We’ve also made numerous little improvements and fixes to our website. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. One of the most obvious changes is in the ‘Show all photographs’ section of each wedding  – there’s now a handy page dropdown making it easier to find the image you want. For all you Apple fans, the website is now fully compatible with the latest version of Safari.

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