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10 Applications for Mac I Couldn’t live without as a Photographer

Here’s a list of my top 10 pieces of software I use in my photography job. Feel free to suggest more by adding comments!!

Adobe Lightroom
This image management software is perfect when handling large volumes of images. I use it for  almost all my re-touching. A bit slow at times, but saves a massive amount of time in the long run.

Adobe Photoshop
The industry standard, I only use a tiny fraction of the features in this mammoth programme.

Transmit is a very neat little FTP programme. Its reasonably priced, works great and looks kinda cool too!

Another beautifully engineered piece of software, this programme allows you to keep your drives or folders synchronised with each other. I use it to keep my off-site backup hard-disks synchronised with my desktop.

Made by the same folks who develop filemaker, this little database programme is easy to use, works flawlessly and even syncs with your iphone. Great as a booking database, to record contacts or pretty much anything.

Free software from album company Queensbury, I use this software to layout my traditional albums. There a lots of pre-loaded templates for a range of album manufacturers. It’s not a perfect piece of software, but all in all its pretty decent.

Cinch is a tiny application that makes your Mac do an old Windows 7 trick. When you drag a window to the left or right of the screen it automatically resizes to be half the screen size. Its so simple, but now that I’ve got used to it, it’s a must have. It makes comparing things easy – and theres also a handy maximise function.

As a photographer, I have lots of different passwords for logging into album companies, suppliers stores etc. 1Password stores all this information securely and can automatically fill the information on websites. No more forgetting website passwords! Nicely made software too.

A great little application for emailing large files. Works perfectly, pity about the subscription.

A great way to listen to music for (kinda) free. Not available everywhere, but if you can you should. Quality is surprisingly good – its what accompanies my album creation! Also allows you to listen to tunes before buysig them for slideshows.

Perhaps more of a web service than a piece of software, but Mozy  is a client which backs up everything on your computer to a remote location. You pay per Gb, I use it to back up my webserver every day. It works great – most of the UK’s broadband is too slow for backing up your desktop – but some day!


  1. Great blog post, looking forward to trying out a few of those programmes.
    What Social networking or blog programmes do you find suit you best?


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