NI Portrait Photographer of the Year!

Well it was a pretty big night on Sunday for us! I must admit I don’t really enter awards and competitions much. But this year I decided to enter the PPANI (Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland) awards. I really like what the guys at the PPANI are doing – lots of great seminars, a good forum to bounce ideas off and a feeling that the organisation is really moving forwards.

Anyway, I was in for the ‘Open Portrait Photographer of the Year’. I kinda though I might have a chance for that one but it was still great to win it!  However, when ‘Licenciate photographer of the year’ was announced I was a little surprised to win two awards! I got to kiss Katie Larmour on the cheek for the second time (a real chore 🙂 ), and then I sat down thinking my night was over….

I was hardly even paying attention when they were announcing the ‘Overall Portrait Photographer of the Year’. Next thing my name was read out – and I was seriously seriously shocked! I’m a real critic of my own work (perhaps too much sometimes), so to get some of it recognised was a real shock to me! Good job you don’t have to make a speech :-), I don’t think I could have said much. It definetly made dusting off the old tux worthwhile! You can see a few wee iphone photos over on the facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who has helped get us to this stage – and especially to my two awesome staff Arlene and Kelly! Special mention to Arlene who is also a very patient (and extremely hot!) wife.

Talk soon! Peter




  1. Brilliant Pete, so pleased you blogged about it. Love knowing how the night went. We think you have a pretty hot wife too. Well maybe cool according to me lol
    Laura (And Andy too)

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