A Father’s Day present to myself!



I wanted to do something unique with the shoot, and something very special to us. You’ll notice a slightly country / cowboy theme. Our kids are crazy about Toy Story – and the character Woody is a BIG hit in our house! Ben is a typical boy, into the outdoors, shooting things with toy guns and so on. Finally, myself and Arlene have become a little addicted to the TV series ‘Nashville’ – so lots of influences in this photo shoot that make it special and unique to us.




I want to do many more themed shoots – they are soooo much fun. And the kids just loved all the props!



Our Hot Air Balloon!!

0078 0020 0024 0062

It was important to me that the photographs weren’t all about the props – but that the character of the two kids came through. These next two photographs sum up our two kids perfectly!!

0011 0010

And here’s just one more for you – there are many many more which I’m just going to keep to myself :-). I think there’s a perception that it’s mostly mothers who want photography of their kids – but when I look at these I couldn’t disagree more. As a Dad, I’ll cherish these for years – they capture a little moment in time and I can’t wait to get them on the wall.



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  1. These are such beautiful photos. If I make it to Ireland (I’m hoping I will within the next two years), I would love to schedule a session.

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