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Having the new studio is great – so you might think it a bit strange to want to do more environmental portraiture…well its great to get out and about – into people’s homes or local play-parks – and to get pictures of life as it happens…

So I’m going to be doing one ‘on location’ shoot per week…can’t post all of them on the blog – but here’s an interesting one…

I get told that I don’t take enough pictures of my own kids – so yesterday I had 5minutes (and it literally was 5mins) to take some pictures in my (very messy) front room. Out came my new lens of choice for this stuff- a 50mm 1.4 prime. And here’s the results:

Above: not quite crawling yet but nearly there..

Above: The caped crusader

Above: This is very much Eva.

If you’d like to have one of the weekly shoots at your house or local play area, just get in touch!


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