Our first camping trip…

Well I have a crazy week of editing (and likely blogging) coming up – so I thought I’d take a breather and post something personal for a change…So here I am in the back garden, beside the BBQ enjoying my new MacBook’s non-glare screen ( I’m such a geek – but don’t tell anyone )…and I thought I’d share our first camping trip with you…It was just last week and we took off to Delamont for 4 days. As it was our first time, we realised pretty early in that we had nowhere near the right stuff with us. One saucepan wasn’t enough – and the porch addition for the tent would have been a great idea! Oh well, next time! 🙂

So a few photos:

It rained, rained, rained, rained – but that didn’t stop us!

Ben (11months) was as happy as Larry

Eva was allowed a break from the typical Weetabix breakfast – and took Nutella and toast every morning…

But this is more my type of breakfast: 🙂

Meet Freddy the Tank Engine:

It is apparently Ireland’s longest minature railway – sure was a hit with us:

Given the weather was so bad we did some indoor activities. Lisburn swimming pool was pretty good fun – but the biggest hit of the holidays was a bit of a surprise. We spent an afternoon in the Ulster Museum. First off it’s got free admission. I have no idea why as its easily worth a good entrance fee. Eva really loved it – and there’s lots of stuff for kids to play with…

Some of the exhibits where ‘amazing’ according to our daughter:

And thats what 4 days of camping in Northern Ireland in the rain looks like! We hope to go again late August…

p.s. If you are wondering what our tent looked like here it is. It looks a bit weird compared to all the seasoned campers fancy jobbies. However, I am a DIY disaster – I am useless at putting tents up etc, so I bought this one. It pops up. Even I can erect the thing in 4mins – and after a few practice runs its takes about 10mins to take back down. And I can say one thing for absolutely definite – it’s absolutely waterproof!




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