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As some of you know, I’m currently giving the blog a much needed face-lift. But as I do that, I’ve been thinking how strange the blog really is. It’s partly a business blog, a showcase for real-life weddings and portraits. Yet in another way its personal too, it gives people a little insight into who I am. With that in mind, it’s very strange that faith never gets a mention. The reason for that is a fundamental issue with business blogging – you can’t be 100% honest. People don’t want to read about a difficult day, a mountain of admin or be challenged about stuff. People like positive stories, and maybe even a wee bit of gossip (I know that after writing the title,other photographers will be reading this just incase I’m going into wedding video! (I’m not, sorry to dissapoint!)). The other reason is that faith in N.Ireland has got wrongly mixed with lots of other stuff which noone wants to talk about.

Talking about faith is a risky business – and it could well be risky for the business.

But today I’m going to break ranks. If you are offended by the three letter ‘G’ word then turn off now. They’ll be another wedding post for you soon.

I found this video at 3am this morning – and to be honest it touched me. I identified with it immediately. Firstly, looks like Ian founded a pretty decent production company. Secondly, he has long hair in the photos :-). More importantly though, I spend pretty much every day being at marriage days, looking at marriages or talking about marriages. Marriage is important to me. Yes it pays the bills, but its important for deeper reasons than that. So when I saw this couple who have suffered so much, yet who’s love for each other and God is so evident – its hard not to share. Hopefully it inspires you a little.

No matter if you think this is awesome or a little crazy – feel free to shoot me a mail or write in the comments below. And if you thought I was going into wedding video, you can write a comment too 🙂
p.s. you can read some of the back-story at



  1. Such love and dedication.
    She is obviously putting her faith into action and she realises that God is at the centre of their marriage and relationship.
    It is not all about being happy in the good times – what we learn in the light we can put into practice when the dark hard times come.
    God bless this very special couple

  2. Thought that was very touching and it opened my eyes to what really matters in life.

  3. Wow!! What an amazing story, thank you for posting. I sometimes feel God has taken a second seat when organising a wedding, then something like this comes along, makes you take stock and puts things into the right order…Lloyd and I are blessed to have found each other and I just pray we have the same love and devotion as this young couple for both God and each other. Well done you for breaking the mould and posting such an inspiring story.

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