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Adam & Jill – Newforge House

I really enjoyed Adam & Jill’s wedding. It was a very relaxed, intimate day and a total pleasure to be in attendance. Newforge House was a new venue for me – and its a great spot. Must admit the food smelled awesome too!

Here’s a few photos of the bride’s preparations at Newforge House. Starting with a pic of the dress and the second Adam in Jill’s life!

Now downstairs to the men and the service!

After  a nice cuppa tea, it was time to explore the grounds a little 🙂

Slightly unusual location for the photo below (right). In my mind I was thinking of some kind of vintage toning on it, but to be honest I just like it the way it is!


Now to the babies!


  1. I love the style of these photos, I would like the feeling from these to be in my own Peter. The relaxed elements are great.

  2. Wow, Stunning pics! The flowers are beautiful! Do you know who the florist was?

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