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Andy & Cara – Redcastle Donegal


So Cara had mentioned an outdoor dress photo with the hills in the background. So I entrusted her brother with the dress and off we went. There wasn’t a tree in sight to hang it from. ‘Not a bother’ remarked her brother, ‘I’ll get the JCB’.


My head told me this was a very bad idea, but my heart wanted the photo.


The whole time I was thinking – how on earth would I go back in to tell Cara that her dress had a fallen in a pile of mud. Anyway, her bro assured me it was well secured. Just as we let go, a gust of wind caught the dress…

It turned out to be the quickest dress photo in history. I couldn’t get it down from the JCB quick enough – but I do like the end result 🙂

Dress safely returned to Cara, it was time for some other photos:

I love it when a couple so obviously enjoy the service..

The Skoda had a hard time keeping up with Andy’s car 🙂

Before arriving at the Redcastle, we stopped at a field….I was a wee bit dissapointed when the gate was locked. I gingerly suggested we just jumped over the gate, and before I knew it Cara was over the gate and in the field. Happy days! 🙂

I love love love this next photo.

On to the Redcastle…



  1. We are sooooo pleased with these amazing photos. We’ve just received the DVD so now the challenge begins of which photos we pick to frame for our home!

  2. The pictures are fantastic and are like something out of a magazine. We had a great day and they really are a true reflection of this.

  3. These are brilliant photos – they truely capture the mood of the day and show how relaxed and happy Andy and Cara were – super! Well done!!!

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