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Conan & Stephanie – Cabra Castle


“Hand in hand

Heart to heart

Love is where the magic starts”


I need to take the studio Christmas tree down today 🙁 . Editing Conan & Stephanie’s wedding didn’t help – it was a wee reminder of Christmas and that season.

Well enough of my reminiscing, here’s a few photos from this lovely wedding..

Was slightly worried for my lens during this Champagne moment 🙂 
Next one is a little abstract – but I like it!

The radiant bride..

Now over to Cabra Castle. Was blowing a gale – but they braved it for a few minutes! Think it was worth it!

(actually the photo below right was taken in the church – like it a lot)


Here comes the Christmassy photo:

And finally its always welcome to see the groom getting a bit of a hard time during the speeches 🙂 lol


  1. These photos are really beautiful! A very talented photographer who captured lovely moments on a lovely day! Steph and Conan you both look fabulous in these photos. Wish we could have the day all over again. Love the ones of the happy couple inside the chapel.

  2. Steph you look beautiful and of course Conan you do scrub up well!! Hope you both had a fantastic day and an even better honeymoon.

  3. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful bride and handsome groom- looked a lovely day, many congratulations xx

  4. Great pictures. A wonderful day. You look terrific, Stephanie. Dad loves the Artful Dodger hat, Conan.

  5. Brilliant photos. I particularly liked the one 3 rows from the bottom. The Black and white one with Conan and steph by the fire. That’s a real Hallmark card moment there.

  6. Great pictures. So many memories of a wonderful day. You look terrific, Stephanie. Dad loves the Artful Dodger hat, Conan.

  7. At last a photographer with imagination daring 2 do something different. Interesting photos that capture the lovely couples own personality.

  8. 0225 by far my favorite. The photographer captured a really candid moment!!! Brilliant job!!

  9. Photos look class guys! Love the outside ones although Marty looks priceless with the champagne!

  10. The photos look fantastic! Reminded of what a great day it was! You both look amazing……Steph obviously more so than Conan (though he scrubs up well too)

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