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Darren & Rhona – Manor House Hotel

I just noticed this verse, inscribed on one of Darren & Rhona’s wedding candles:

Love is patient, love is kind,
Love never fails.

And indeed love was never far away at Darren & Rhona’s wedding! Hopefully i’ve been able to capture just a weee bit of that in the photos – let’s take a look, starting with the very beautiful wedding invitation:

But enough about the invites, Rhona looked amazing:

Now for the service – there are loads of pictures but think these next few are a good summary:
Manor House is a great venue. It was rather cold (understatement) so took quite a few indoors – but not better place 🙂

Love the next two:

An love the firstdance photo too!


  1. There are so many fantastic photos Peter….lots of great one’s for Rhona and Darren to choose from. 🙂

  2. Photos are absolutely beautiful, captured some great moments. Although you are both so photogenic and looked great on the day so Im sure that took a little pressure off the tog!! 🙂 xx

  3. Wow, these are really brilliant photos. You two look totally chilled out enjoying the day. Looking forward to seeing the album 🙂 x

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