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Fuzz & Sarah – Ballygally


These flowers were made to be photographed…

Below: never blog while hungry..

I always love how us men sit around an open bonnet and look at the engine. I’m the one that pretends to understand how it all works 🙂

Love the next one..

Let the service begin!

After the service, Fuzz & Sarah wanted to go a wee run in the car to Glenarm….

Now on my earlier recce of Glenarm, I had noticed a fairground wheel which fitted in with the car rather perfectly :-). Happy days.


Back to the Ballygally…

Love the next two:


Even the dolls were getting romantic…

Time to boogey 🙂



  1. Loved these pictures especially the one with Sarah against the metal background simply beautiful

  2. The bridge one is still my favourite 🙂 Stunning looking everyone, but Fuzz and Sarah the most happy shining in all of them! 🙂

  3. Well done Peter,your photography skills highlighted just how beautiful a daughter she is. 10 out of 10

  4. Fantastic pictures by a fantastic photographer of a fantastic couple and a fantastic day!

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