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Gary & Janet – Mountstewart and Malone Lodge Hotel

My two lasting memories from Janet & Gary’s wedding was the banter (was great craic!) and ofcourse the red shoes (back to rehab for me 🙂 )

Great couple. I’ll talk you through the day – starting with the bride’s house and the Father of the Bride’s jacket…

A wee bit of lens flare just to ‘art’ it up a bit!
Now to the Temple of the Winds at Mount Stewart. Its an awesome venue, and the geek side of me still loves the window / door which slides downwards into the ground (below left)…

Think these next two photos sum up the couple pretty well…

After that, we headed down to Mount Stewart for a few photos.

Then back over to Belfast to the Malone Lodge, starting with a wee bridesmaid pic!

The theme was autumn / Halloween. loving the love shaped pumpkin…


  1. Seeing these photo’s just remind me of what a fantastic special day it was! Think the photo’s really captured the feeling of the day. So many favourites, can what to see some of them in print!

  2. Sensational photos. Absolutely love them. The photographer has a real filmic eye. You two look fantastic and are both naturally photogenic. In 50 years time yous will be able to sit holding hands, looking at these photos and still swoon.

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