Helen & Gareth’s St.Patrick’s Themed Wedding

The men are outside tieing the bow on the car – while a friendly donkey looks on!

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Helen looked lovely!


Over to the church in Newry…


I know I’m weird – but love how this picture of the order of service turned out!

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A trip down the road to the Galgorm Resort & Spa. This next photo is very typical – such a fun, happy couple!

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No rain – just hailstones!


Love this next one!

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Has anyone else noticed the popularity of pink cameras?? Hmm…I wonder could I get my big SLR painted?

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A few days after the wedding we did a wee shoot up at Dunluce Castle. The weather was wild – gale force winds, horizontal rain! I’m sure the couple will enjoy the Aussie weather much more – but I do think it was worth it for this next shot!


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