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Paul & Paula – Ballygally Castle

Nice wee picture of the bride and her Dad coming up the aisle…

Over to the Ballygally…

If there is one thing that has changed with my photography over the last couple of years – it’s that I’m much less afraid of bright sunlight. I used to run to the shade at every opportunity. No longer! Actually love the picture below just lit with good old sun light…

The room looked great…

And finally, I just happened to come across these rings sitting on a rock, on the beach in beautiful sunset light. I love not being a reportage photographer!


  1. Really beautiful photos and great spending time with you both during your African honeymoon. A very special family couple.

  2. The photos are brilliant. You and Paul will have a great time picking photos for the album.

  3. Brilliant photos – certainly captured the mood of the day.
    The happy couple radiate happiness.

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