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Richard & Kirsty – Carnlea Golf Club

I had a great day with Richard & Kirsty. They enjoy laughter – something thats very, very infectious. I’d also never been toย Carnlea Golf Club before. We did alot of the photos at Crawfordsburn, but it was nice to take a few at a new location…

So…here’s a few photos…Let’s start with the grooms preparations:

And then off to the bride’s house:

Meet the two brothers! I was a little uncertain whether to post the next two photos but here goes. Kirsty had bought her brothers a little wedding gift. The ‘Potty Putter’ is an ingenious idea ๐Ÿ™‚ – but I wasn’t quite expecting a demonstration!!

So after being somewhat emotionally scarred for life at the Potty Putter incident, I headed down to the church.

For whatever reason, I really like the picture above right in the doorway. Now to Crawfordsburn…

And to Carnlea – the views are simply stunning. I quite like the black tiles too…


  1. Hi Peter, think the comments say it all really! We had a very fun fabulous day filled with lots of laughs. Would also like to takt the opportunity to say a big thank you for your professionalism and chilled out approach to the day.

  2. Great pictures of a great day. The guy in picture number 2 looks a bit special but I’m assured he is a good looking bloke when not gurning like a fool.
    Thanks for the memories!!

  3. Photo’s are fabulous reflect all the love and laughter of the day. Thank you Peter

  4. Totally love the pictures, brings back all the laughter and happy times of your day!! I love the picture in the doorway at the church, beautiful!!! Such a fun day and the pictures reflect this! X

  5. These pictures are beautiful! Kirsty you are like a model, love the one in the doorway of the church and the ones where you both facing out to sea on the beach! Also love the one of all the boys in black in white! Great fun pictures, totally reflect you both and your family! Especially the potty putter demonstration by Chris! Brilliant! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  6. The photo’s like the whole day are just georgeous. When you are old and grey (like me), you will be able to look back at these perfect pics and remember your perfect day ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Absolutely amazing photos. Captured a brilliant day. I definately want copies! x

  8. beautiful photos for a wonderful day filled with love and happiness and the pictures captured the couple and guests enjoyment, can’t wait to see the rest well done

  9. Cracking photo’s of a great day and you managed to make Chris look normal, Peter is a very talented phtographer!

  10. Beautiful photographs… really does capture the happiness and laid back nature of the whole day x

  11. Brilliant photo’s, especially the one of the handsome chap on the toilet ๐Ÿ˜‰ great day summed up perfectly!!

  12. Gorgeous photo’s they really capture the fun, love and magic of the Honeyfords special day. Huge well done to Peter for such amazing photo’s, we can’t wait to see the rest

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