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Ricky & Cherith’s Wedding – Malone House

It’s not often you get to photograph your brothers wedding!! It was back in February – it was kinda strange to know everyone at the wedding! It was a really great day as we welcomed Cherith into the Crymble family (and visa versa).

Here’s a few photos, starting in the hair salon and brides house:

Below: my two brothers! The facial expression on the right is fairly typical! They are actually twins but you wouldn’t know it..

A cuppa tea in the church hall was very welcome!

So now to Malone House. The porch at the front door provided some handy shelter…

Very much like the next 3 pictures 🙂

You might have seen the next young lady appear on this blog before! 

It dried up a little, and we got a few outdoors:

The room in Malone House looked awesome!

The next one makes me smile! :-).

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