Robert & Fiona – Castle Leslie

Robert & Fiona’s wedding was great. Its strange how when you are enjoying a wedding it hardly seems like work at all. Castle Leslie is a great venue too – this was the first time I had been there in winter..

Ok so lets start with the brides preparations. You will notice I had been doing so well at not posting shoe pictures on the blog. Fiona has gone and ruined that – back to shoe therapy 🙂

One of the bridesmaids getting ready:


And now for the bride. Lovely bride – and love the light in these too! 

A few from the chapel:

And now to Castle Leslie where these scones greeted us .. hmmm…..
Good bridesmaids can really make the day. They can be a real help and provide lots of banter! Don’t really show many bridesmaids photos on the blog, so for a change I thought I’d show you all three!    

The next one makes me laugh 🙂

So by now it was getting fairly late and growing darker by the moment. It was kinda cold so I thought my outdoor photos had come to a close. Thing is, I hadn’t been down to the boat house which is my fave location at Castle Leslie. So I gave the guys the options of indoor photos or  boathouse – and amazed when Fiona wanted the boathouse! Happy days, and hopefully these next photos where worth the extra 10mins in the cold 🙂


Below: its important to keep abreast of the stockmarkets and current affairs 🙂
I’d say the cake topper is very much Robert & Fiona’s sense of humour 🙂 


  1. Peter you seemed to have captured every element of a magical day !! Rob and Fi look amazing, so does all the bridal party and the capturing great pictures of the gorgeous flower girl and page boy (kids are never easy !!) like this just amazing !! Well done and throughly recommended !!

  2. well i’m not biased and i think they are stunning! Beautiful pictures and lovey natural poses, have to agree with laura that the photo of malachy in the chapel is brilliant!

  3. You have done a superb job, Peter – thanks ….. Just 1 question: Rob and his Best Men look very pleased with themselves running away from the boat house – had they just dumped Fiona in the lake?

  4. Wow these are amazing…………….. I just love them. Fiona and Robert look fantastic, the photographs really capture the essence of a memorable day, I can’t wait to see the rest. Well done Peter a triumph!

  5. Love these…well done Peter, excellent job, and although I too am biased, I totally agree, it was an amazing day. I must say that we didnt notice you even taking many pics on the day, love the informal aspect…especially capuring my dad tittering in the chapel!!

  6. Fantastic pictures Peter!!! Fiona and Rob look great! It really was a wonderful day (although I am biased!)and you are completely right- the Castle is a truely brilliant venue!! Thanks lots!!

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