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Sean & Louise – Galgorm Resort & Spa

It doesn’t seem that long since I met Sean & Louise at a wedding fayre – and now they are married!! The church was just up the road a bit for me, then down to the lovely Galgorm.

Here’s a few wee photos!


Then we headed off to the church in Finaghy….  

Its kinda hard to describe the decor of the church. Its a little 70’s, a little 80’s – almost a little Art Decor or something. Anyway, given that the Irish weather was doing it’s thing we took a few indoors – I think they are pretty interesting!

Very pleased with this next one (its not often I say that):

The river was really raging at the Galgorm which made for a nice backdrop. This is the moment that Louise’s umbrella went for a little white water rafting ride..:-)





  1. Amazing photos 🙂 Louise you were a stunning bride 🙂 you will have a job trying to pick between them all for your ablum xx

  2. AMAZING pictures. You guys looked stunning. Your a real modle Mrs White.
    The photos really do refelect the day. Beautiful and full of love. x x x

  3. Omg them pictures are beautiful, so natural!! the pictures really capture that you both had a great and wonderful day….. xxxxxx

  4. WOW what great photos!! Love them – hope you always look as happy and as good together! How will you ever pick one picture of the wedding for the mantelpiece?!! xox

  5. these are stunning, louise why you never became a model I dont know. Sean u look pretty good too 😉

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