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Stephen & Louise – Ballygally Castle

I met Louise & Stephen at a wedding last year and was delighted when they booked me for their big day. They are a great couple – and it was a very nice wedding.

So here’s a few photos:


Time for a wee dance and a sisterly hug…

The reception was in the Ballygally Castle Hotel, a venue I really like..

Love these next few…
Not sure if the next photo was taken in Ballygally or Beverly Hills 🙂

So it wasn’t long until the ‘L’ plate got produced. Funny thing was that someone stuck it to my reflector. Naturally I forgot all about it – until I unknowingly produced it at the next wedding to everyones great amusement 🙂

I sometimes do a running picture just for fun. The instructions are really simple: ‘run and don’t fall!’. This one didn’t go exactly to plan 🙂

Ok back to the romance – love these final two:



  1. Love the black and white pics… and ‘the day at the races’!! Actually they are all lovely. You both look very natural and very happy. Well done to photographer and subjects – great teamwork!

  2. Really lovely photos. Love the ones I missed on the beach. Brings back memories of sports day and Sunday school photos twenty years ago with a couple of these young gentlemen! Really loved the photo at the front of the church. Louise looking lovely as she always does.

  3. Awww, these photos are just too beautiful. I particularly love the closeup one on the beach and the black and white one near the end, although that’s mostly because Stephen’s expression is saying “Yes, this is my wife” I reckon he was raising his eyebrows at this point 😛

  4. Congratulations Louise! You looked abosolutely stunning and the photos are gorgeous! Wishing you many happy years! xx

  5. Fantastic photos. Just wondering if Stephen managed to stop himself hitting the ground! Happy memories.

  6. Beautiful! even though it seems like such an over used word! Louise you we absolutely stunning!
    May your life together be as beautiful, as joyous and as love filled as these photos xx

  7. Congrats Louise your photographs are lovely and hope you win a massive pic from the comp. Many congrats again to you and your hubby hope to see u at a stranny granny meeting again soon with your gorg album.

  8. I looked forward to seeing the sneak preview and the photos are not a disappointment at all. I can’t wait to see the rest!

  9. Photos look fab, the one’s taken on the beach are my fave looking forward to seeing more. It was such a lovely day.

  10. These brought a smile to my face on an otherwise very grey and dreary day. Lovely memories of a very special day captured forever. I can’t pick out a favourite as they all present something different. The ‘posed’ shots are all very natural and the taken unaware pictures are delightful.
    Job very well done!

  11. Love these photos, fantastic as always. Having missed the groom and groomsman pitching headlong into the turf, it’s brilliant to see these captured for posterity!

  12. Wondering if the bride commenting on her own photos counts in the comment competition…??!

    So pleased with this wee sneak preview – excellent that you captured the epic run and fall moment!

    Looking forward to seeing the other couple of hundred very shortly 😉

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