Tristan & Yelena are married!! – Royal Court Portrush

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Love these next photographs of Yelena!

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A little bit of a different perspective on the lineup!


We had planned to visit the beach, but the weather wasn’t playing ball. So someone suggested a trip to the Harbour Bar. Rule no 1 of wedding photography – don’t let the bridal party near the bar until the photographs are over! 🙂 But against my better judgment we headed to the bar. And boy oh boy am I glad we did!

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And finally back to the Royal Court…love this next one.



The folks had travelled from Canada – so Yelena was really keen on one outdoor photo. So we ran out in the gale for about 20secs…..




  1. Hey! 🙂 That looks awesome! Thank you so much for a very relaxing and warm photoshoot, it was a pleasure to be working with you 🙂
    But the weather changed! As i was driving down to the church all of a sudden is stopped raining and sun came out, and all i could see was rainbows! The sun shone all the way through the ceremony, there are a couple photos with a beam of light hitting me as im signing the registrar… Sure enough as soon as it was done- like a switch it all went back to ‘normal’ 🙂 But at that stage we didnt care!

    The most amazing day of our lives, so far 😉

    Thank you!

    Yelena and Tristan

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