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Wedding at Glenoe and Ballygally Castle

I was just thinking I haven’t posted in a while – been super busy with Christmas weddings and the new studio (more on that soon!). So I just happened to be working on Helen & Dimitri’s album tonight and I thought I’d post a few photographs.

Dimitris holds the record for the customer with the longest and most difficult to spell surname! He’s from Greece and is marrying an Irish girl. Naturally he’s a lucky man!

So here are a few photos:

Above: Capturing the fun and emotion of the day is really important to me. So I like this little picture – I think it captures the moment well.

Above: Glenoe Waterfall. If you don’t know, Glenoe is a little village close to Larne. I think it’s the original home of Mauds Ice Cream – anywhere than birthed Poo Bear ice cream is great in my eyes!

Above: the actual village is quite quaint…

Above: Taken while the bride & groom pose for some guests..

Above: Ballygally. It’s my typical mix of candid photos (right) and semi-posed (left). Helen had a great veil…

Above: First dance with parents watching on…

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  1. Peter – a fabulous set of images in an absolutely stunning location. You are a very lucky photographer to have that on your doorstep! Have a very successful 2011.

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