David & Louise’s Engagement

You might have guessed that I like doing weddings! My first wedding of the 2012 summer season will be Louise & David’s (next Friday!!). Can’t wait to get back on the road again. Anyway, what better way to celebrate than to post a few engagement photos 🙂

We met up a few weeks ago in a coffee shop to go through all the details for the wedding and took a few engagement photos while we where at it. I must admit it was a rather pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning…coffee,craic,cookies,camera (do you like what I did there with the 4 c’s – should have been a minister 🙂 )

Ok, so here’s a few photos:

Very much like the one below left. The guys are getting this one framed up – which I think will look freaking awesome. Did I just say ‘freaking awesome’??? Yikes – still in Vegas mode.

Great couple!


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