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Sven & Clare’s Engagment

A few weeks back I got to spend some time with Sven & Claire in Botanic Gardens Belfast.
We hold them in high esteem here at Peter Thomas Photography as the only people who have ever walked to our studio!!!

Here’s a few photos:

Above: taken inside the botanical centre…

Above: the specially designed ring…

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  1. Lovely photos! Really like the black and white ones. Good luck for your big day!

  2. The photos are so beautiful!!! Ye’re wedding is going to be so awesome!!! Love the photos and love you guys! Congratulations!!! xx

  3. These pictures are simple, yet effective. They capture a couple genuiely in love,really beautiful

  4. lovely photos congratulations on your engagement best wishes for your wedding next year

  5. Great photos, great colours…i love of it….very natural and a lot of Nature. You look amazing both of you. Congratulations again on our happiness. Bisous

  6. Great photos Clare, you two haven’t changed since I last saw you – how many years is it??? Looking forward to the real photos (wedding!!) Love to you both

  7. hey thanks for all the nice comments everyone! no one’s been negative. that can’t be possible! Now imagine what the wedding (and photos) are gogin to like… excited!!!

  8. You two look fab, i love the photos, really natural and i love the flowers too clare! These really are something to keep, can’t wait to see the wedding ones now! Won’t be long! oxox

  9. Fabulous photos.Love the black and white one but fav is the one below that. Love you both Gxx

  10. Congratulations to the beautiful and happy couple!Thanks for sharing your lovely photo session xx

  11. The flowers were because I love tulips, just a bit of fun. I think it is a lovely one, a nice detail!

  12. Beautiful photos. Great idea to record the engagement with natural photos as well as the big day posh ones! xx

  13. Thanks for the lovely comments. Peter is a great photographer, looking forward to the big day. I wasn’t very well during the shoot, so he is a miracle worker in terms of trying to make me look good 😀 hee hee!

  14. Love all the ones under the tree the best.Not sure about the flowers? Alkso think the one inside is lovely and natural.

  15. Super photos. rather surprised to get them now after so many months engaged. Well worth the wait. Hope all well with plans for next year.

  16. Fabulous photo’s, love the dress Clare, Sven well your my bro so i’ll be nice……

  17. I love the photos 🙂 you both look very happy just like when I first met ye in Africa. The ring is gorgeous and yes Claire you do have youthful hands. Sven, you and Claire are very photogenic so no worries about cheesy photos…..although the flowers came out really well too so it could be just the photographer!!!!! hehehe. Congrats again.

  18. Wow – these are really beautiful! Clare – I’ve never noticed before, but what youthful hands you have!!! Mine are all wrinkily and I’m only a week older than you! Seriously though, I really love these pictures. I especially like the one above the kissy kissy pics – it’s very natural and laid back – just like the happy couple themselves! xoxo

  19. Great photos. Really lovely natural feel to them and fabulous display of colour.
    Made the most of a wonderful venue.

  20. Lovely photos Sven and Claire, you both look so happy. Congratulations on your engagement xx

  21. haha!! Oh my god we’re famous! How embarrassing! I realise this comment won’t count towards free prints but I felt I should get the ball rolling. Anyone else feel free to comment on phtos though!

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