Pandemic Pups

Peter’s dog Teddy was already lively. Cockapoo’s are known to be a bit lively, but after lockdown we started to notice some disturbing behaviour.

After a few rather startled Amazon delivery drivers, Peter’s wife had had enough and called on the expertise of Robin Bates. Robin called out to the house, and it was simply the best investment! Robin pointed out some things its owners were doing wrong, and after a few fairly easy fixes, Teddy is much more relaxed and easier to handle.

Teddy – like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth!

One common issue post – lockdown are separation issues.
We asked Robin what the signs are of a dog who has become attached to their owners during lockdown.

“A lot of dogs are not coping well being left at home suddenly after weeks of having the owner around.” Explained Robin. “There are some common signs to look out for:

  • Are they following you around more?
  • Do they wake up every time you move.
  • Do they start pacing or get anxious when you prepare to leave?
  • When you leave, do they go to the toilet, vocalise or be destructive?”

“If you have separation problems seek a good behaviourist and they will help you work on a separation protocol.”

We’d wholeheartedly recommend Robin , who is keen to help and has many years of expertise. He offers 121 consultation and also runs classes.

Robin with his furry family.

To start with Robin suggested a few ideas that may help eliminate stress:

  • When you are there encourage scent games, reward-based training and play.
  • Make sure they have a safe place to sleep, this is a place where they will sleep at night.
  • Before leaving make sure they have a walk, been toileted and maybe some food can help.

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