Improve your posture for your wedding day photos

Sorry brides and grooms but your mother was right! How many times were you told to stand or sit up straight? Turns out she was on to something…


Our resident blogger Aideen McCanny shares a few tips….


Improve your posture for your wedding day photos


Good posture packs a multitude of little known benefits such as making you look younger, slimmer, taller, more confident and photogenic. Not to mention, your clothes will look better! When designers begin creating clothes, they work with a dressmakers form, and of course their posture is perfect, so clothes are designed with perfect posture in mind.


It’s the most important wedding accessory of all and the one that’s often overlooked.


Poor posture, can quite simply ruin wedding photos but thankfully it can be fixed in a flash! Today, we share our top tips to improve your posture for your wedding day photos.



Practice makes perfect

To ensure your posture is on-point, the easiest way to see improvements, is with a little practice. Practice standing up straight by holding a brush between your shoulder blades and pulling in your lower core muscles. Throughout the day when you’re standing, imagine that brush is still there and this will help pull your body into a more perfectly poised position.




Find the right angles

It’s widely known that white is a little less forgiving than some other colours, which is why so many women favour black. To combat the ‘white effect’, avoid standing straight on with your arms at your side. Instead adopt a more flattering angled position. Create the perfect T-shape by standing at a three-quarter angle and putting the heel of your front foot in the arch of the back foot. This instantly gives the body shape and movement so it’s less static.

(EDITORS NOTE: if you are having Peter as your photographer don’t worry – he’ll give you lots of tips on the day 🙂 )





And relax

You may have noticed that your favourite photos of yourself are those which were taken without your knowledge. Couples often come to us because they prefer our natural style of photography and when it comes to having your wedding photos taken, our top tip is to relax, breathe and drop your shoulders.


Avoid bouquet blocking

It’s highly likely that your wedding day will be the first time you’ll have posed with a bouquet. To avoid bouquet blocking, it’s best to think of it as a prop, so that it becomes part of your look, rather than taking over. You can hold your bouquet down by your side or in front at around belly-button height. Too high and you’ll look tense, not to mention block the delicate detailing of your dress, while too low can result in you looking round shouldered.



Try yoga

Ahead of the wedding, why not sign up for a yoga class? It’s the perfect way to improve body alignment, as well as strenghtening your core and upper back and spine. It’s also renowned as an amazing stress-buster so it’ll definitely help in the run up to the wedding.





Get up and move

If you work in an environment where you spend on-hours at end at your desk, it’s vital to get up and walk around every couple of hours. Sitting slumped for hours plays havoc on our posture. Try to pay more attention to how you’re sitting with feet flat on the floor and shoulders in line with your hips to keep your spine in proper alignment.


Improve your posture for your wedding day photos


Most of all, don’t over think it and enjoy the experience!


MeAideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.

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