Planning for great newborn baby photographs

Planning for your newborn portrait shoot

Parents are always surprised at how quickly their bundles of joy grow and so a newborn shoot is the perfect way to capture those early days forever. To ensure you achieve the most out of this wonderfully happy time, check out a few tips for a flawless shoot.


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Comfort is key

Most newborn shoots are carried out with your baby undressed so it is important that he or she is as comfortable as possible before the session begins and throughout.


Sleep like a baby

A sleeping baby makes for some truly wonderful shots so for best results, we recommend that your baby is in a deep sleep for the duration of the session. This allows your photographer to position the baby without disturbing them. Upon the photographers arrival, have your baby undressed and wrapped in a blanket, with their nappy applied loosely for easy removal.


Check your lighting

Most newborn photo shoots will take place in your home to mimimise disruption to your baby’s routine. It is therefore essential to choose the room which offers the best natural light. For your baby’s comfort, a constant temperature of 28 degrees is perfect. If possible, before your photographer’s arrival, allow your baby to fall asleep in this room to minimise disruption.

A full tummy

A hungry baby is more likely to be restless so it is a good idea to make sure your baby has a full tummy before your photographer begins.


Don’t panic

If your baby is awake at the beginning, take some time to settle him or her and get them off to sleep. A good photographer will be patient and give you space, without pressure, to do this.

Don’t stress

Those early days truly are the most memorable so relax and enjoy the experience together as a family.


And Finally…


Stacey photographs all our newborns and she loves it! Check out some examples here and get in touch if you’d like any more information.

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