As Tough as Old Boots

I’ve been told that my boots are done. Worn Out. Ready for the scrap heap.

Problem is I still like them. These guys might be old, but they’ve done a lot of miles with me. They fit perfectly. I can put them on and off without undoing the laces.

Come to think of it, I hate that awkward new-shoe feel you get. How difficult they are to get on and off, how there’s always a wee bit inside that hurts – I hate the way new shoes sparkle and glisten and look all new.

Perhaps I’m all alone in this – shoe shops seem to be doing ok. Perhaps i’m just a bit weird…

So they might be old, they might look cack – but I like them and I’m keeping them. Until they fall apart they shall remain in my wardrobe.


Oh how I amuse myself with these blog writings… 🙂

By the way, the blog is getting a makeover. Over the last year its maybe been a wee bit too work focussed. So its going to become a nicer, homelier, friendlier place. It’s just a thought in a designers head at the moment – but watch this space over the next few months!

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