When faith, hope and love collide…

As a photographer we get involved in the happiest and saddest of times. From the joy of a newborn – to tears brought back from photographs of love ones since departed, ┬áthe roller-coaster of emotions is part of what makes this job an exhausting yet wonderful way to make a living.

And never was that more true than Aaron & Jenni’s wedding. I went to university with Jenni, yet as is so often the way we hadn’t seen each other in many years. So I was delighted to hear she was engaged – and even more delighted that she trusted me to capture the day.


I hadn’t realised that Jenni’s health ‘hadn’t been great’ (her words not mine – a massive under-statement). Indeed, pretty much all the wedding team were on stand-by to re-arrange incase her health took a dip. And while Jenni hadn’t been well, Aaron had lost a loved one very close to him. So this was a special day – a celebration of love, a celebration of faith that had helped them get through and a hope for even better things to come.


Above: When the postman arrives at the door!


Jenni and her mum did the flowers together – and Jenni’s mum was head seamstress on the dresses!


Lissanoure was the venue for the service and the reception. With so many friends joining to celebrate – the atmosphere was one of excitement as we basked in the March sun and dodged the odd shower!

Above: The kids running up the aisle!


No more had we started the photographs did the rain start. But the couple were more than happy to grab a wee cuppa while we waited for it to go over. Lissanoure Castle is a beautiful venue – and I was itching to get outside!


I’d only met Aaron once before, but he has such a caring attitude towards his new wife and everyone for that matter. His smile is also infectuous – when he smiles you end up smiling too. You just can’t help it!




His speech was just lovely – even the manliest of country men had a lump in their throat.


So there you go – Aaron & Jenni are married. On 24 March 2018 something special happened – faith, hope and love collided – and the resulting fusion was something that everyone involved will remember and cherish for years to come.


Venue: Lissanoure Castle
Cars: Champagne Moments

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