Adding something unique to your wedding?

With the addition of magicians, photo booths and staged dances, the possibility of getting that something extra unique and extra fun for your wedding guests is becoming more of a challenge. The time between ceremony and food, or from first dance to the last, has been pinterested, storyboarded and outsourced for many. However local sports center, Eddie Irvine’s is soon launching their exclusive driving simulators for Wedding hire which may bring that much sought after difference to your Big Day!

Scenario: Your guests arrive to your chosen party venue to enjoy some tea and shortbread whilst your wedding party and gorgeous selves are around the grounds with your wedding photographer, capturing the moment. As nice as that shortbread may be, a harp playing in the corner, your party could literally start from that moment with the excitement of a Formula 1 driving experience.

Having had our own staff day out at Eddie Irvine’s Go Kart tracks, we were keen to see what they could offer our wedding couples.

Andy, what exactly is a driving simulator?

An Eddie Irvine Race Experience is completely unique. Our racing Simulators are incredibly realistic. They have F1 steering wheels, bucket seats and paddle gear changes. The racing experience is equally realistic. We can add options like fuel consumption effects, engine damage (if you over-rev), tyre wear etc. This makes the experience much more challenging for your guest pros. On the other hand, say if your in-laws or your Great Grandpa takes the wheel, we can remove all of those aspects and add driver assist, which makes it as easy as possible, allowing ANYONE to enjoy the experience.

So how would this work on the day of a wedding?

We would place the simulators in the venue with our staff to man the machines. Guests would take turns racing against each other.  This always creates competition and provides a real buzz in the room. We can stop/pause the machines at any stage of the day, so guests could enjoy the simulators while the bridal party are having photos taken, then pause during dinner/speeches and start again after before the first dance.

Now you already have had these simulators out at corporate events. What has been the reception? 

We have attended some very high profile corporate dinners/events over recent years and the Race Experience has worked extremely well and looks excellent in the room.


Looks great and provides a read buzz
Watch the race or Join in the fun


How much space would couples need at a venue to have one or more simulators?

4 or 5 metres of space, it really doesn’t take up too much space at all.

Can couples come in before their wedding and have a go on them first?

Yes! We would encourage couples to have a Race Experience when discussing their event. We also carry out a site visit to look at best placement at the wedding venue.



What price range are the simulators?

The F1 & Motorbike simulators are the same price. We book the simulators in

groups of 4 and/or 5, space permitting.

4 Simulators £1500

6 Simulators £2000

Any more information please check out




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