Wedding Day Emergency Kit

While we hope you don’t experience any mishaps on your wedding day (*crosses fingers*), we live by the motto ‘Better safe than sorry’! To ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch, we’ve thought of every scenario and so bring you the ultimate wedding day emergency kit. So pick up some, or all of these ‘just in case’ items to ensure you are armed and ready for whatever stands in your way of making it down that aisle!




Beauty buys: For touch ups and make-up mayhem, stock up on the following:

– Cotton wool & buds

– Make-up remover

– Nail file

– Hairspray

– Deodorant

– Bobby pins

– Lip balm

– Tweezers

– Comb

– Hand cream

– Lipstick in the colour you’ll be wearing

– Compact mirror

– Nail polish in your chosen shade

– Powder

– Eyelash repair kit



Clothing repairs: For minor snags and emergency repairs, add these to your list:

– Mini sewing kit, complete with needles, thread (white of course), buttons and safety pins

– Scissors

– White chalk, perfect for disguising any stains

– Clear nail polish for ladders in tights

– Super glue

– Baby Wipes



Those little extras: You never know when you might need any of these:

– Plasters

– Painkillers

– Snacks

– Straws for smudge free lippy

– Breath mints

– Blister plasters

– Insoles

– Tissues by the bucket load


And for when all else fails…

– A little Dutch courage in case any of the above just won’t cut it! Don’t forget a wee chocolate bar or sandwich for the car drive too!





Phew! It’s quite a list. Thankfully, you’ll have most of these in your drawers at home. We hope, of course, that you won’t need any of the above and your day goes glitch-free!



Me Aideen McCanny is our resident guest blogger, fashion and wedding guru. She has written for many of Ireland’s top fashion publications.

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  1. As a hair and makeup artist I always give people spare bobby pins/ kirby grips and a retractable lip brush loaded with the brides colour, Professional grips are always better than the shop bought ones which bend easily if any pressure is applied at all and often the Brides colour has been specifically mixed for her requirements and therefore could not be found in a bullet of lipstick. Professionally applied lashes shouldnt budge unless there is a very thick band and so I prefer stacking lashes together of thinner or invisable bands to get the wow factor or to use individual lashes which dont seem to have the same problem. However it does no harm to have some eyelash glue and so I save eyelash glues in order to give on a just in case basis. If you have had your hair professionally done into an upstyle then you will not require hairspray at all and in fact can end up having your hair look sticky as professional grade hairspray is much less sticky than shop bought. If packing a comb before sure to consult with your hair stylist and she will show you how to use it without ruining the style as often combing the hair just breaks down the professional grade hairspray and will make the hair fall. Please also be aware that powder is not always a good bet unless checking first with the makeup artist to see which powders may cause flash back and indeed looking powdery is not always a good idea. A much better suggestion may be blotting papers which will blot off excess oil without making you look powdery.

    All in all though some great suggestions here. Just remember to talk to the professionals that you have hired so that you can gain advice based on your specific skin type, hair type, hairstyle and look.

    Claire xx

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