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The Bling Shoot

Recently I did a test shoot with the wonderful April. I wasn’t testing anything in particular, just trying to keep a little … Keep Reading


Pandemic Pups

We catch up with Robin Bates and ask about how the pandemic has affected our puppies. … Keep Reading

Tips for having your wedding dress custom made

Considering having your wedding dress custom made? If you're not sure where to begin or the thought terrifies you a little, I caught up with my sister Ruth who talks through the process of and how one designer ensured she ended up with the dress of her dreams. Keep Reading

Top tips for choosing your bridal hairstyle

If you haven't given your wedding day hairstyle much thought, or simply don't know where to start... don't panic. Guest blogger Aideen McCanny shares some top tips for choosing the bridal hairstyle which is right for you! Keep Reading

Wedding guest etiquette

Wedding guest etiquette: Dos & Don’ts

No doubt you have been to your fair share of weddings but there as a wedding guest, there are still some grey areas surrounding this social situation. While traditions may change, there are still some things which will forever remain so here we consider the unspoken rules of wedding guest etiquette to help ensure you avoid any awkward situations. Keep Reading

Short wedding dress

Tips on choosing your first dance song

For every couple, choosing their first dance song is a completely different experience. For the lucky few, it’s a hassle-free, utterly romantic affair of simply going with “our song”, which you’ve had picked out from the moment you met, while for others it’s a completely different, head-scratching experience, which involves conflicting tastes in music, or “our song” is just too embarrassing to say out loud. So, if you fall into this category, we’re here to lend a helping hand with some tips on choosing your first dance song. Keep Reading

Short wedding dress

Reasons to choose a short wedding dress

In recent years there has been a rise in short dresses sashaying down the runways. You may have noticed them hidden among a gallery of dresses in bridal magazines and quickly flipped the page, but don't snub the short wedding dress! Here, check out the reasons why more and more brides are opting for a short wedding dress. Keep Reading

Engagement photo shoot

5 reasons to have an engagement photo shoot

In all the excitement of planning a wedding, it can be easy to forget to enjoy your actual engagement, and the perfect way to mark the occasion is with an engagement photo shoot. If it's something you're considering skipping, here are a few reasons why you won't want to miss it! Keep Reading

Grooms accessories guide

Grooms accessories guide

Here at Peter Thomas Photography, we love a groom who takes his style seriously! It is your day too, after all and while the bride will always take centerstage (of course), there’s nothing wrong with putting your stamp on the day, and accessories are a great way to do just that. Here, we take a close look at accessories options which serve to distinguish your wedding day look Keep Reading

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